Basic Comments in CUP, KML, and STX Files

In the comments of CUP and KML files, airports are designated as PUB (public) or PRI (private). A turnpoint attribute suffix such as-T is appended if the airport is considered a turnpoint, start, or finish point. This is followed by the three-letter FAA / IATA identifier in parenthesis. The comment for Heber City, UT, for example, begins with the following sequence:

PUB-T (36U)

This indicates that Heber City is a public airport, it is designated as a turnpoint in the input turnpoint and task file, and its identifier is 36U. The turnpoint attributes that may appear in comments include S (Start), F(Finish), T (Turnpoint), and H (Home). Multiple attributes are allowed.

Normally, runway information in these files is encoded as in the following example:

RY 03/21:6899x75-ASPH-LGT

This means runway 03/21 is 6899 feet long by 75 feet wide, is surfaced with asphalt, and is equipped with edge lighting. See this link for additional information on abbreviated runway encoding when short comment detail is selected.

Depending on the level of comment detail selected, communication frequencies such as TWR (tower), ATIS, AWOS, APCH (approach), etc. may also be listed, along with other information. See the help section for output file options for more detail.


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