Turnpoint File Sources

If you plan on flying in a contest, begin by downloading the contest waypoints from the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange in STX format. Follow the links for "Files for downloading and importing into your programs" and select ""Soaring Turnpoint Exchange" from the list. Use that file as your task/turnpoint file on this site. You can still choose any output format you wish.

If you don't have a task/turnpoint file, you can follow the same procedure given above to build one from any STX file published on the WSTX. You might consider using one from a recent contest held in your area of interest. Generic recreational turnpoint files for many locations can be found there as well.

After you have downloaded the .CUP output file from this site, you can use it directly in SeeYou just by opening it. You can add new tasks and turnpoints as you desire. When you wish to update the information, just follow these steps:

  1. Export the turnpoint list from SeeYou (Edit->Waypoints, then File->Save As, and select the .CUP output file format.
  2. Use the resulting file as your Task/Turnpoint file on this site.
  3. Re-import the output file from this site back into SeeYou by opening it.

See here for even more detail on the fine points of using task/turnpoint files, including notes on file formats and comments.

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