Encoding of Runway Information

In abbreviated output formats, runway information is encoded as in the following example::

03/21 6899x75 A

This means runway 03/21 is 6899 feet long by 75 feet wide, is surfaced with asphalt. Surface abbreviations include:

A Asphalt or PEM C Concrete D Dirt, Gravel, or Sand
G Grass or Turf I Ice O Other

If the runway is equipped with edge lighting, the "x" between the length and width dimensions is replaced with an asterisk. If the either end of the runway requires a right-hand pattern, an "R" prefix is added before that end. If both ends use right traffic, a "!" prefix is added. For example:

R21/03 6899*75 A

means the runway is equipped with edge lighting, and uses right-hand traffic for runway 21.

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