Comment Information in NDB Files

The comment section of NDB output files is divided into five 16-character lines, as is the display of the ILEC SN10. The first line contains the airport name expressed in up to 16 characters. On the second line, airports are designated as PU (public) or PR (private) AIR (airport) or STO (short take-off) facilities. The Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (prefixed by C:) or the Tower Frequency (prefixed by T:) is also given on this line. The first two lines for Heber City, UT, for example, are as follows:

Heber City Muni
PU AIR C:122.800

This indicates that Heber City is a public airport, and its CTAF is 122.800.

On the next two lines, runway information for the longest two runways is encoded as described here.

The last line may contain communication frequencies for weather information, such as ATIS, AWOS, or ASOS.

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