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US Sectional Charts in Lat/Lon Grid Reprojections

These files contain continental US sectional charts reprojected in latutude/longitude rectangular grids. The CMR format is for use with SeeYou. The high-resolution GeoTIFF files can be used with  Google Earth following these instructions.  They also work with Geographical Information System (GIS) applications, such as Global Mapper, that support that format. Low resolution JPEG files are for use with Google Earth with these instructions.

The number embedded in the file names (if present) is the edition number of the sectional.

US Sectional Charts for GlidePlan

For GlidePlan you need to download both the .jpg and .tfw files, and install them in a subfolder of GlidePlan's map folder. Request a custom GlidePlan map here.

US Sectional Index

If you aren't sure which chart you need, you can review the index here.