US Border Airspace Files

The link at the bottom of this page points to files depicting the US border with Canada and Mexico in various formats commonly used by glide computers.

In the interest of broad compatibility with a large range of memory-limited devices and programs, considerable detail has been eliminated from the original data sets.  Consequently, precision errors in the data of more than 300 feet are common, and errors approaching 600 feet are probable. Considering the limitations in the source data and processing methods described above, much larger total errors are possible.

Neither the software used to produce this data nor the original source data set have been certified for navigational use.

Because of the limitations described herein, THE INFORMATION IN THESE FILES MUST NOT BE RELIED UPON FOR NAVIGATION. Use of this information for any purpose is solely at the user's risk. This information is provided free of charge. No warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or suitability of this information for any use is provided.

Canada Border

The Canada border files are based on a data set from the US Canada Border Commission (now the International Border Commission) as published in 2010.

Mexico Border

Border files are based on the Large Scale International Border  (LSIB) data set version 11.1(August 2022), as published by the Office of the Geographer of the United States Department of State at The editors note that limitations of source materials and processing techniques  exist. They state that most lines will be within 100 meters of their actual position on the ground, but that larger errors may occur.

There is additional uncertainty caused by natural changes of course of the Rio Grande river.  Some such changes may have occurred  since the publication of the source data set.

Files Depicting US Borders

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