Working with a Volkslogger

Volksloggers may be loaded directly from SeeYou Connection Wizard using a .CUP file, so no special companion file is needed.

Many pilots use some other device (such as an SN10 or PDA) as the primary glide computer, relying on the Volkslogger only for secure data logging. If this is your situation, you may wish to load only turnpoints in your Volkslogger while placing a larger database in your primary flight computer. Do this by making and downloading two separate .CUP files; on the second, select the "include only turnpoints" option on the main screen.

Here are some other hints that may be helpful:

  • Remember that Volksloggers can hold a maximum of 500 turnpoints and 20 tasks ; you should therefore set the bounding information so that the output file has no more than 500 points;
  • Since Volslogger turnpoint names are limited to just six characters, make sure the code names for any turnpoints you add manually to your turnpoint and tasks file are short enough;
  • When loading the Volkslogger with the Connection Wizard in SeeYou, select the "Use Code as Name" checkbox;
  • SeeYou may complain that the names in the file aren't compatible with the Volkslogger. This is because this site outputs mixed case names, while the Volkslogger requires upper case only. SeeYou has an option to automatically generate the conformant (upper case) name.

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