Loading Airport Information in a Garmin GPS

Airport information may be loaded into a generic (non-aviation) Garmin GPS by following the steps listed below (assuming you have either a serial or USB connection and appropriate cables):

  1. Download and install g72win. Note: It should be possible to use SeeYou for this, but I have generally had better luck with g72win.
  2. Configure g72win (File->Configuration...) appropriately for your computer and GPS unit. Check the USB checkbox under COM Port if your GPS has USB capability; otherwise, select the serial port and speed settings (usually 9600) that your GPS uses. Under 'Send to' MS select GPX. Under Default Icon, select the Icon Family that most closely matches your GPS; choose the Icon you wish to be used for generic waypoints.
  3. Use this site to produce a .CUP file that will contain the airports to be loaded in your GPS. Set the bounding information to include a number of airports that will fit in your unit. IMPORTANT: Set the comment detail level to Short. Set the Short name length to a value that matches the turnpoint length limit of your GPS, or choose "Code" if you wish to use the 4-character IATA/FAA ID as the airport name.
  4. Download the file produced in step #3 to your computer and store it in a convenient location, such as the desktop, then open the file with g72win (File -> Open).
  5. Upload the waypoint list to your GPS by selecting GPS->Upload to GPS->Waypoints. Alternatively, you can select Send To -> MapSource All, and then use MapSource to upload the waypoints to your GPS. This can be useful if you wish to edit the symbol type used on various waypoints. You can change them as a group by first sorting the list by type, then selecting the entire range if points and editing their properties.

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