Companion File Selections

Your output will always include a .CUP file, for use with SeeYou. The companion file can either be in standard .CUP format, or in the newer format that includes the runway width column.

You may optionally request companion files in one of several selectable formats:

  • Cambridge Aero Instruments .DAT format is supported by Cambridge devices, Glide Navigator II, and several other instruments
  • KML format allows you to view airports and turnpoints in Google Earth
  • NDB format supports the ILEC SN10
  • Soaring Turnpoint Exchange .STX format supports the ClearNav II
  • Airspace in Tim Newport-Peace (.SUA) format, OpenAir (.TXT) format, or KMZ format for Google Earth
  • Airspace in NDB format -- This option is only available if you also select an NDB format waypoint output file. The airspace data will be appended to that file. 

All of these require you to specify bounding information.

Both .NDB and .STX formats also allow you to specify a home airport. If you choose not to do so, the center airport you specified in the bounding information will be used as the home.

.NDB files require an explicit home or center airport definition. Other formats may be bounded implicitly by uploading a turnpoint file.

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