Comment Information in CAI .DAT Files

The specification for CAI output file format allows just 12 characters of comment information. When the Comment detail option in the Output file options is set to "Automatic", the output will contain 12-character comments that include information on one communication frequency (either the tower or CTAF) and the longest runway, formatted as in the following example:


This means that the communication frequency is 122.900, and longest runway is 100 feet wide, surfaced with asphalt. Note that the runway WIDTH is given for the longest runway, not the length. The P prefix denotes that the airport is private.

If no communication frequency is listed for the airport, the runway identifier appears instead.

Surface abbreviations include:

A Asphalt or PEM C Concrete D Dirt, Gravel, or Sand
G Grass or Turf I Ice O Other

Some software that uses CAI .DAT format files can support longer comments. To select longer comments, choose a Comment detail option other than "Automatic". The resulting comments will be formatted simlarly to those in .CUP files.

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