Turnpoint Files

You may choose to upload a file containing turnpoints and (optionally) tasks that will be merged with FAA airport information to produce the output. Four different input formats are supported including SeeYou (.CUP) files, Cambridge (.DAT) files, and Soaring Turnpoint Exchange (.STX) files as published in the World Wide Turnpoint Exchange (WWTX).   ILEC .NDB files may also be used as input turnpoint files, however any airspace they contain will be lost or overwritten.

Don't have a turnpoint file? See here for a discussion on where to get one for contest or recreational flying.

Options for controlling the addition of airports in the output files are as follows:

Option Action
Include all other airports within the bounding circle Additional airports are merged with the input turnpoint list and added to the output files as specified by the bounding information provided in step #1. If no bounding information is specified, the output will contain just the points specified in the input file.  Airport information such as comments, frequencies, and runway data will be updated.
Compute a bounding polygon for adding airports A polygon that contains all of the points in the turnpont file is automatically determined. Airports that fall within that polygon will be merged into the output files.
Do not add additional airports to the output files The output files will contain only airports that were in the input turnpoint file.
Format conversion only - don't change airports. Only airports in the input turnpoint file will be included; Airport information such as comments and frequencies won't be updated.  This option is useful for doing file format conversions.
Include only points designated as turnpoints The output files will contain only designated turnpoints. See here for more detail.

There is also a checkbox that controls renaming. When that box is checked, airport names will appear in the output files just as they are given in the input turnpoint file. If the box is unchecked, official FAA airport names will be used. A similar checkbox controls airport locations. If the box is checked, the locations given in the turnpoint file will be used. If it is unchecked, the official published airport locations will supercede those given in the turnpoint file.

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