Additional Detail Information for Turnpoint File Use

Here are some additional fine points for using input task/turnpoint files:

  • You can choose to limit the output to include turnpoints only. For tab delmited or .STX input files, "turnpoints" include any airport marked as a start, finish, or turnpoint.
  • For .CUP input files, a turnpoint is indicated in the comment field, as described in Comments in CUP and STX files.
  • If a turnpoint in a tab delimited or .STX input file is numbered, that number will be used as prefix in the code name in the output files. If you don't wish to see these numbers, use a text editor (such as NotePad) to change them to zero before uploading the turnpoint file.
  • Every airport in an input file should have an associated identifier. If one is not listed as described in Comments in CUP and STX files the system will search for one in the FAA database, by geographical proximity. If one is not found, the airport attribute will be deleted.  See Why are airports sometimes missing in output files? for more information.
  • If a comment in for an airport in an input turnpoint file begins with an exclamation point, that comment will replace the auto-generated one in the output file.
  • If a comment for an airport in an input turnpoint file ends with a tilde ('~') followed by additional information, that information will be appended to the auto-generated comment in the output file.

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